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Our Pote Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 195

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Rhymes of a RoughneckA pote is sure a goofy guy;

He ain't got guts like you or ITo tell the score;

He ain't goy gumption 'nuff to know

The game of life's to get the dough,Then get some more.

Take Brother Bill, he used to be

The big shot of the family,The first at school;

But since about a year ago,

Through readin' Longfeller and Poe,He's most a fool.He mopes around with dimwit stare;

You might as well jest not be there,The way he looks;

You'd think he shuns the human race,

The how he buries down his faceIn highbrow books.

I've seen him stand for near an hour,

Jest starin' at a simple flower -Sich waste o' time;

The scribblin' on an envelope . . .

Why, most of all his silly dopeDon't even rhyme.Now Brother's Jim's an engineer,

And Brother Tim's a bank cashier,While I keep store;

Yet Bill, the brightest of the flock,

Might be a lawyer or a doc,And then some more.

But no, he moons and loafs about,

As if he tried to figger outWhy skies are blue;

Instead o' gittin' down to grips

Wi' life an' stackin' up the chipsLike me an' you.**********Well, since them final lines I wrote,

We're mournin' for our Brother Pote:Bill crossed the sea

And solved his problem with the beat,

For now he lies in peace and restIn Normandie.

He died the bravest of the brave,

And here I'm standin' by his graveSo far from home;

With just a wooden cross to tell

How in the blaze of battle hell

As gloriously there he fell -


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