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New Year's Eve Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 211

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The Spell of the Yukon and Other VersesIt's cruel cold on the water-front, silent and dark and drear;Only the black tide weltering, only the hissing snow;

And I, alone, like a storm-tossed wreck, on this night of the glad New Year,Shuffling along in the icy wind, ghastly and gaunt and slow.They're playing a tune in McGuffy's saloon, and it's cheery and bright in there(God! but I'm weak -- since the bitter dawn, and never a bite of food);

I'll just go over and slip inside -- I mustn't give way to despair --Perhaps I can bum a little booze if the boys are feeling good.They'll jeer at me, and they'll sneer at me, and they'll call me a whiskey soak;("Have a drink? Well, thankee kindly, sir, I don't mind if I do.")

A drivelling, dirty, gin-joint fiend, the butt of the bar-room joke;Sunk and sodden and hopeless -- "Another? Well, here's to you!"McGuffy is showing a bunch of the boys how Bob Fitzsimmons hit;The barman is talking of Tammany Hall, and why the ward boss got fired.

I'll just sneak into a corner and they'll let me alone a bit;The room is reeling round and round . . .O God! but I'm tired, I'm tired. . . .* * * * *Roses she wore on her breast that night. Oh, but their scent was sweet!Alone we sat on the balcony, and the fan-palms arched above;

The witching strain of a waltz by Strauss came up to our cool retreat,And I prisoned her little hand in mine, and I whispered my plea of love.Then sudden the laughter died on her lips, and lowly she bent her head;And oh, there came in the deep, dark eyes a look that was heaven to see;

And the moments went, and I waited there, and never a word was said,And she plucked from her bosom a rose of red and shyly gave it to me.Then the music swelled to a crash of joy, and the lights blazed up like day,And I held her fast to my throbbing heart, and I kissed her bonny brow.

"She is mine, she is mine for evermore!" the violins seemed to say,And the bells were ringing the New Year in -- O God! I can hear them now.Don't you remember that long, last waltz, with its sobbing, sad refrain?Don't you remember that last good-by, and the dear eyes dim with tears?

Don't you remember that golden dream, with never a hint of pain,Of lives that would blend like an angel-song in the bliss of the coming years?Oh, what have I lost! What have I lost! Ethel, forgive, forgive!The red, red rose is faded now, and it's fifty years ago.

'Twere better to die a thousand deaths than live each day as I live!I have sinned, I have sunk to the lowest depths -- but oh, I have suffered so!Hark! Oh, hark! I can hear the bells! . . . Look! I can see her there,Fair as a dream . . . but it fades . . . And now -- I can hear the dreadful hum

Of the crowded court . . . See! the Judge looks down . . .NOT GUILTY, my Lord, I swear . . .

The bells -- I can hear the bells again! . . . Ethel, I come, I come! . . .* * * * *"Rouse up, old man, it's twelve o'clock. You can't sleep here, you know.Say! ain't you got no sentiment? Lift up your muddled head;

Have a drink to the glad New Year, a drop before you go --You darned old dirty hobo . . . My God! Here, boys! He's DEAD!"


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