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Missis Moriarty's Boy Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 301

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Rhymes of a Red Cross ManMissis Moriarty called last week, and says she to me, says she:"Sure the heart of me's broken entirely now -- it's the fortunate woman you are;

You've still got your Dinnis to cheer up your home, but me Patsy boy where is he?Lyin' alone, cold as a stone, kilt in the weariful wahr.

Oh, I'm seein' him now as I looked on him last, wid his hair all curly and bright,And the wonderful, tenderful heart he had, and his eyes as he wint away,

Shinin' and lookin' down on me from the pride of his proper height:Sure I'll remember me boy like that if I live to me dyin' day."And just as she spoke them very same words me Dinnis came in at the door,Came in from McGonigle's ould shebeen, came in from drinkin' his pay;

And Missis Moriarty looked at him, and she didn't say anny more,And she wrapped her head in her ould black shawl, and she quietly wint away.

And what was I thinkin', I ask ye now, as I put me Dinnis to bed,Wid him ravin' and cursin' one half of the night, as cold by his side I sat;

Was I thinkin' the poor ould woman she was wid her Patsy slaughtered and dead?Was I weepin' for Missis Moriarty? I'm not so sure about that.Missis Moriarty goes about wid a shinin' look on her face;Wid her grey hair under her ould black shawl, and the eyes of her mother-mild;

Some say she's a little bit off her head; but annyway it's the case,Her timper's so swate that you nivver would tell she'd be losin' her only child.

And I think, as I wait up ivery night for me Dinnis to come home blind,And I'm hearin' his stumblin' foot on the stair along about half-past three:

Sure there's many a way of breakin' a heart, and I haven't made up me mind --Would I be Missis Moriarty, or Missis Moriarty me?


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