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Ave Maria Analysis

Author: Poetry of Frank O'Hara Type: Poetry Views: 359

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Mothers of Americalet your kids go to the movies

get them out of the house so they won'tknow what you're up to

it's true that fresh air is good for the bodybut what about the soul

that grows in darkness, embossed bysilvery images

and when you grow old as grow old youmustthey won't hate you

they won't criticize you they won't knowthey'll be in some glamorouscountry

they first saw on a Saturday afternoon orplaying hookey

they may even be grateful to youfor their first sexual experience

which only cost you a quarterand didn't upset the peacefulhome

they will know where candy bars comefromand gratuitous bags of popcorn

as gratuitous as leaving the movie beforeit's over

with a pleasant stranger whose apartmentis in the Heaven onEarth Bldg

near the Williamsburg Bridgeoh mothers you will have madethe littletykes

so happy because if nobody does pickthem up in the movies

they won't know the differenceand if somebody does it'll besheer gravy

and they'll have been truly entertainedeither way

instead of hanging around the yardor up in their room hating you

prematurely since you won't have doneanything horribly meanyet

except keeping them from life's darker joysit's unforgivable the latter

so don't blame me if you won't take thisadviceand the family breaks up

and your children grow old and blind infront of a TV setseeing

movies you wouldn't let them see whenthey were young


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