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How Distant Analysis

Author: Poetry of Philip Larkin Type: Poetry Views: 528

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High Windows1965How distant, the departure of young men

Down valleys, or watching

The green shore past the salt-white cordage

Rising and falling.Cattlemen, or carpenters, or keen

Simply to get away

From married villages before morning,

Melodeons playOn tiny decks past fraying cliffs of water

Or late at night

Sweet under the differently-swung stars,

When the chance sightOf a girl doing her laundry in the steerage

Ramifies endlessly.

This is being young,

Assumption of the startled centuryLike new store clothes,

The huge decisions printed out by feet

Inventing where they tread,

The random windows conjuring a street.


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hello i think your website is crap... it says analysis but there is no analysisng or overview, dont say you will analyse a page and not do it! also please give me so info about this poem i have to do a crappy presentation on it and there is nothing to write about
many thanks baz munday

| Posted on 2007-04-23 | by a guest

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