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Fellow Citizens Analysis

Author: Poetry of Carl Sandburg Type: Poetry Views: 436

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I drank musty ale at the Illinois Athletic Club withthe millionaire manufacturer of Green River butterone night

And his face had the shining light of an old-time Quaker,he spoke of a beautiful daughter, and I knew he hada peace and a happiness up his sleeve somewhere.

Then I heard Jim Kirch make a speech to the AdvertisingAssociation on the trade resources of South America.

And the way he lighted a three-for-a-nickel stogie andcocked it at an angle regardless of the manners ofour best people,

I knew he had a clutch on a real happiness even thoughsome of the reporters on his newspaper say he isthe living double of Jack London's Sea Wolf.

In the mayor's office the mayor himself told me he washappy though it is a hard job to satisfy all the office-seekers and eat all the dinners he is asked to eat.

Down in Gilpin Place, near Hull House, was a man withhis jaw wrapped for a bad toothache,

And he had it all over the butter millionaire, Jim Kirchand the mayor when it came to happiness.

He is a maker of accordions and guitars and not onlymakes them from start to finish, but plays themafter he makes them.

And he had a guitar of mahogany with a walnut bottomhe offered for seven dollars and a half if I wanted it,

And another just like it, only smaller, for six dollars,though he never mentioned the price till I asked him,

And he stated the price in a sorry way, as though themusic and the make of an instrument count for amillion times more than the price in money.

I thought he had a real soul and knew a lot about God.

There was light in his eyes of one who has conqueredsorrow in so far as sorrow is conquerable or worthconquering.

Anyway he is the only Chicago citizen I was jealous ofthat day.

He played a dance they play in some parts of Italywhen the harvest of grapes is over and the winepresses are ready for work.


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