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To Television Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Pinsky Type: Poetry Views: 327

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Not a "window on the world"

But as we call you,

A box a tubeTerrarium of dreams and wonders.

Coffer of shades, ordained

Cotillion of phosphors

Or liquid crystalHomey miracle, tub

Of acquiescence, vein of defiance.

Your patron in the pantheon would be HermesRaster dance,

Quick one, little thief, escort

Of the dying and comfort of the sick,In a blue glow my father and little sister sat

Snuggled in one chair watching you

Their wife and mother was sick in the head

I scorned you and them as I scorned so muchNow I like you best in a hotel room,

Maybe minutes

Before I have to face an audience: behind

The doors of the armoire, box

Within a box--Tom & Jerry, or also brilliant

And reassuring, Oprah Winfrey.Thank you, for I watched, I watched

Sid Caesar speaking French and Japanese not

Through knowledge but imagination,

His quickness, and Thank You, I watched live

Jackie Robinson stealingHome, the image--O strung shell--enduring

Fleeter than light like these words we

Remember in, they too winged

At the helmet and ankles.


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.: From Yesmeen :.

To Television
The poem, “To Television”, by Robert Pinsky is a captivating and intriguing one. It truly makes one

think and research to find the poems true meaning. Pinsky is trying to inform us that the television is a

place where any person can learn and see many things, whether positive or negative.

The author, Robert Pinsky, considers the television to be a transparent enclosure of dreams and

wonders, where anything is possible. In addition, he uses metaphors as for example, “Coffer of shades,

ordained cotillion of phosphors or liquid crystal, homey miracle, tub of acquiescence.” In this particular

metaphor he is saying that television is a chest of colors, a dance of lights, a miracle to the home and a

place of acceptance.

Hermes, not only the messenger of the gods but also the god of trickery and cunning, would be your

special guardian. On the other hand, he says, “Quick one, little thief, escort of the dying and comfort of the

sick.” Robert Pinsky is contrasting Hermes to the television, for he lead people to Hades whereas the dying

watch television in their beds as they make a similar journey. As the television is just as cunning if not

more than Hermes and is very tricky and manipulative. Perhaps, “little thief”, means stealing time from

families as regarding to the fact that Hermes was the one to take family members and escort them to Hades.

| Posted on 2005-10-06 | by Approved Guest

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