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The Thread Analysis

Author: Poetry of Denise Levertov Type: Poetry Views: 174

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Something is very gently,invisibly, silently,pulling at me-a threador net of threadsfiner than cobweb and aselastic. I haven't triedthe strength of it. No barbed hookpierced and tore me. Was itnot long ago this threadbegan to draw me? Orway back? Was Iborn with its knot about myneck, a bridle? Not fearbut a stirringof wonder makes mecatch my breath when I feelthe tug of it when I thoughtit had loosened itself and gone.


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I like to read the following poems back to back. Each uses \"thread\" as a central metaphor.
The first poem, \"The Thread,\" is by Denise Levertov. I have a soft spot in my heart for her - she had a big impact on me way back when. I got to see her read once, at Syracuse University probably in the early 1980s? I remember her being tiny and energetic and British and gracious. Today her language sometimes seems a little forced, or cloying, I guess is the word. But \"The Thread\" still takes my breath away. Ive probably been reading it for 30 years. I love the way it celebrates the moments - rare and unpredictable, in her presentation - when we are called back to who we are.
It would be reductive to say the thread in her poem represents a sense of mission, but its something like that. Its a contradictory image (the best kind). We are simultaneously constrained and energized by our calling.
I guess theres a gentle irony in the image, too. How could a tiny thread restrict you? It wouldnt take much to break it. But Levertov doesnt want that - shes not a fish fighting to break the line. You can feel her gratitude at being connected.
To Levertov, the thread is a benevolent force. Its been there her whole life. Her thread is so unobtrusive she forgets about it most of the time. When she thinks of it at all, she immediately assumes its \"loosened itself and gone.\" She is probably thinking, well, that was all in the past. But then \"its tug\" surprises her one day, and she is flooded with gratitude to be ridden by something that only needs thread for a x slow, halting pace of the lines quietly evokes her hesitant recognition of the continued presence of the thread.
The one thing I dont love about this poem is a slight sense of self-congratulation, which is, I regret to say about a poet I take sustenance from, somewhat characteristic of Levertov.

| Posted on 2011-11-14 | by a guest

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