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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
Children 's Hour, ThePoetry
Curfew Poetry
Dante Poetry
Evening Star, ThePoetry
Mezzo CamminPoetry
Old Clock on the Stairs, ThePoetry
Walter Von Der Vogel WeidPoetry
To an Old Danish Song-BookPoetry
Afternoon in FebruaryPoetry
Day is Done, ThePoetry
To the Driving CloudPoetry
Bridge , ThePoetry
Occultation of Orion, ThePoetry
To a ChildPoetry
Rain in SummerPoetry
Norman Baron, ThePoetry
Nuremberg Poetry
Arsenal at Springfield, ThePoetry
A Gleam of SunshinePoetry
Belfry of Bruges, ThePoetry
Carillon Poetry
Warning , ThePoetry
Quadroon Girl, ThePoetry
Witnesses , ThePoetry
Slave Singing at Midnight, ThePoetry
Slave In the Dismal Swamp, ThePoetry
Good Part, That Shall Not Be Taken Away, ThePoetry
Slave 's Dream, ThePoetry
To William E. ChanningPoetry
Excelsior Poetry
Maidenhood Poetry
Goblet of Life, ThePoetry
Blind BartimeusPoetry
To the River CharlesPoetry
God 's-AcrePoetry
It is not Always MayPoetry
Endymion Poetry
Skeleton in Armor, ThePoetry
L 'EnvoiPoetry
Burial of the MinnisinkPoetry
Spirit of Poetry, ThePoetry
Sunrise on the HillsPoetry
Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem at the Consecration of Pulaski's BannerPoetry
Woods in WinterPoetry
Autumn Poetry
An April DayPoetry
Midnight Mass for the Dying YearPoetry
Beleaguered City, ThePoetry
Flowers Poetry
Footsteps of AngelsPoetry
Light of Stars, ThePoetry
Reaper and the Flowers, ThePoetry
Hymn to the NightPoetry
Ladder of St. Augustine, ThePoetry
Evangeline : A Tale of AcadiePoetry
Hiawatha and the Pearl-FeatherPoetry
Rainy Day, ThePoetry
Wreck of the Hesperus, ThePoetry
Drinking SongPoetry
A Psalm of LifePoetry
My Lost YouthPoetry
St . John's, CambridgePoetry
Tide Rises, the Tide Falls, ThePoetry
Republic , ThePoetry
Paul Revere's RidePoetry
Nature Poetry
Voices Of the NightPoetry
Village Blacksmith, ThePoetry
White Man's Foot, ThePoetry
Sound Of The Sea, ThePoetry
Son Of The Evening Star, ThePoetry
Peace -Pipe, ThePoetry
Hunting Of Pau-Puk Keewis, ThePoetry
Ghosts , ThePoetry
Four Winds, ThePoetry
Famine , ThePoetry
Death Of Kwasind, ThePoetry
Courtship of Miles Standish, ThePoetry
Arrow and the Song, ThePoetry
Snow -FlakesPoetry
Picture -WritingPoetry
Pau -Puk-KeewisPoetry
Loss And GainPoetry
Intorduction To The Song Of HiawathaPoetry
Hiawatha 's WooingPoetry
Hiawatha 's Wedding-FeastPoetry
Hiawatha 's SailingPoetry
Hiawatha 's LamentationPoetry
Hiawatha 's FriendsPoetry
Hiawatha 's FishingPoetry
Hiawatha 's FastingPoetry
Hiawatha 's DeparturePoetry
Hiawatha 's ChildhoodPoetry
Hiawatha And The Pearl-FeatherPoetry
Hiawatha And MudjekeewisPoetry
Fata MorganaPoetry
Children Poetry
Changed Poetry
Blessing The CornfieldsPoetry
Birds Of PassagePoetry
Autumn WithinPoetry
The Slave's DreamPoetry
The Psalm Of LifePoetry
The Slave's Dreampoem
The Psalm Of Lifepoem
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