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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
Windy fallPoetry
Under the image of BuddhaPoetry
Don't know about the peoplePoetry
This moth saw brightnessPoetry
The snow is meltingPoetry
That wrenPoetry
That pretty girlPoetry
Pissing in the snowPoetry
Not knowingPoetry
New Year's morningPoetry
New Year's DayPoetry
Napping at middayPoetry
Last time, I thinkPoetry
It once happenedPoetry
In this worldPoetry
In the thicket's shadePoetry
Having slept, the cat gets upPoetry
Face of the spring moonPoetry
Even on the smallest islandsPoetry
Ducks bobbing on the waterPoetry
Children imitating cormorantsPoetry
Asked how old he wasPoetry
A huge frog and IPoetry
A bath when you're bornPoetry
That pretty girlhaiku
A huge frog and Ihaiku
It once happenedhaiku
What a strange thinghaiku
Pissing in the snowhaiku
Napped half the dayhaiku
Having slept, the cat gets uphaiku
The crowhaiku
In the thicket's shadehaiku
Writing shit about new snowhaiku
A bath when you're bornhaiku
This moth saw brightnesshaiku
No doubt about ithaiku
Even with insectshaiku
I'm going outhaiku
How muchhaiku
Napping at middayhaiku
Under my househaiku
Blossoms at nighthaiku
The moon tonighthaiku
Hey, sparrow!haiku
Face of the spring moonhaiku
In spring rainhaiku
Last time, I thinkhaiku
The toad! It looks likehaiku
Don't know about the peoplehaiku
Not knowinghaiku
Ducks bobbing on the waterhaiku
All the time I pray to Buddhahaiku
Under the image of Buddhahaiku
A cuckoo singshaiku
These sea slugshaiku
Windy fallhaiku
Summer nighthaiku
That wrenhaiku
Children imitating cormorantshaiku
The pheasant crieshaiku
New Year's Dayhaiku
Asked how old he washaiku
Even on the smallest islandshaiku
Not very anxioushaiku
The snow is meltinghaiku
The man pulling radisheshaiku
In these latter-dayhaiku
With my fatherhaiku
Don't worry, spidershaiku
New Year's morninghaiku
Visiting the graveshaiku
In this worldhaiku
Kobayashi Issa Biography