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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
To AndromedaPoetry
Words Poetry
To any army wifePoetry
To AphroditePoetry
Sounds of griefPoetry
Prayer to Our Lady of PaphosPoetry
No WordPoetry
The MusesPoetry
Leto and NiobePoetry
I took my lyrePoetry
Cyprian , in my dreamPoetry
Cleis Poetry
Blame AphroditePoetry
Anactoria Poetry
You may forget butPoetry
You know the place: thenPoetry
Yes , Atthis, you may be surePoetry
Without warningPoetry
With his venomPoetry
We shall enjoy itPoetry
We put the urn abord shipPoetry
We know this muchPoetry
Tonight I've watchedPoetry
Tell everyonePoetry
Standing by my bedPoetry
Sleep , darlingPoetry
Of course I love youPoetry
Must I remind you, Cleis,Poetry
It 's no usePoetry
It was you, Atthis, who saidPoetry
It is the MusesPoetry
In the spring twilightPoetry
I took my lyre and saidPoetry
I have no complaintPoetry
He is more than a heroPoetry
Drapple -thorned Aphrodite,Poetry
Before they were mothersPoetry
Awed by her splendorPoetry
And their feet movePoetry
Although they arePoetry
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