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Prayer to Our Lady of Paphos Analysis

Author: Poetry of Sappho Type: Poetry Views: 512

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Dapple-throned Aphrodite,

eternal daughter of God,

snare-knitter! Don't, I beg you,

cow my heart with grief! Come,

as once when you heard my far-

off cry and, listening, stepped

from your father's house to your

gold car, to yoke the pair whose

beautiful thick-feathered wings

oaring down mid-air from heaven

carried you to light swiftly

on dark earth; then, blissful one,

smiling your immortal smile

you asked, What ailed me now that

me call you again? What

was it that my distracted

heart most wanted? ``Whom has

Persuasion to bring round now

``to your love? Who, Sappho, is

unfair to you? For, let her

run, she will soon run after;

``if she won't accept gifts, she

will one day give them; and if

she won't love you --- she soon will

``love, although unwillingly...''

If ever --- come now! Relieve

this intolerable pain!

What my heart most hopes will

happen, make happen; you your-

self join forces on my side!


tr. Barnard


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