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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
Wife KillerPoetry
Where Shall We Go?Poetry
Juan In Middle AgePoetry
Death In The Lounge BarPoetry
They Did Not Expect ThisPoetry
The Terrible AbstractionsPoetry
The Men Who Wear My ClothesPoetry
A Case Of MurderPoetry
Silver WeddingPoetry
Schoolroom On A Wet AfternoonPoetry
Makers And CreaturesPoetry
Lesson In GrammarPoetry
Ageing SchoolmasterPoetry
A City RememberedPoetry
A City Rememberedpoem
Where Shall We Go?poem
The Terrible Abstractionspoem
Wife Killerpoem
The Men Who Wear My Clothespoem
Ageing Schoolmasterpoem
Lesson In Grammarpoem
They Did Not Expect Thispoem
Juan In Middle Agepoem
A Case Of Murderpoem
Silver Weddingpoem
Makers And Creaturespoem
Death In The Lounge Barpoem
Schoolroom On A Wet Afternoonpoem
Vernon Scannell Biography