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Morning Rain Analysis

Author: Poetry of Tu Fu Type: Poetry Views: 203

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A slight rain comes, bathed in dawn light.
I hear it among treetop leaves before mist
Arrives. Soon it sprinkles the soil and,
Windblown, follows clouds away. Deepened

Colors grace thatch homes for a moment.
Flocks and herds of things wild glisten
Faintly. Then the scent of musk opens across
Half a mountain -- and lingers on past noon.


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Gary WilliamsCatlin, Let's have a snowed in weeeknd. I remember all the studying I accomplished on a snowed in weeeknd on Campus?? More time for winter fun like sliding behind Holcombe Hall. Snowball fights in the fraternity quadrangle. Walking to south campus to visit my college sweetheart. The Nathan Hale now stands on that site. Sorry for the rambling. Gary 64

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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i really love your blog. every post is very tonuhicg and beautiful. i am really glad i found it :)and i got the song.can i share it on my blog so that my friends can see your awesome video poetry too?? x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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have realized by now that I love sritae. Adore it. I'm always happy to poke gentle fun at myself, or at ideas I find ludicrous or unjust or harmful (like abstinence-only sex education, or

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Beautiful work, Jim. Very happy to know you all these years. Good luck to you and your beautiful failmy. Hugs, Carolyn and Alex

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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oh i am SO glad that i came of some use!!! you know what, i feel a curios sense of relasee when i come to your blog :)and yes you definitely touched me. no doubts on that!! consider me your regular fan from now on :)once again thanks for these awesome videos :)

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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I think this means that something unwanted, seen in a different light can be beautiful in its own way.

| Posted on 2009-02-15 | by a guest

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