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Mother, Among The Dustbins Analysis

Author: poem of Stevie Smith Type: poem Views: 6

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Mother, among the dustbins and the manure
I feel the measure of my humanity, an allure
As of the presence of God, I am sure

In the dustbins, in the manure, in the cat at play,
Is the presence of God, in a sure way
He moves there.  Mother, what do you say?

I too have felt the presence of God in the broom
I hold, in the cobwebs in the room,
But most of all in the silence of the tomb.

Ah! but that thought that informs the hope of our kind
Is but an empty thing, what lies behind? --
Naught but the vanity of a protesting mind

That would not die.  This is the thought that bounces
Within a conceited head and trounces
Inquiry.  Man is most frivolous when he pronounces.

Well Mother, I shall continue to think as I do,
And I think you would be wise to do so too,
Can you question the folly of man in the creation of God?
    Who are you?

Submitted by Frankie Cheung


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This indotruces a pleasingly rational point of view.

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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32, non-hispanic, non-Jewish white, Anglo-Saxon/indigenous paleolithic tribe with no real name Protestant. Started rendiag VDARE around 2000, and iSteve not long after, although in earnest since about 2007. I don't read VDARE any more, apart from the odd glance - I got tired of Michelle Malkin's neocon BS and felt the "team" lost its way somewhat. I reckon Steve does a better job than the VDARE collective these days.I value Hitchens for his current contributions. He absolutely refuses to touch the third rail of race/ethnicity/demographics, but still goes far, far further than the vast majority of pundits and journalists in criticising the mess that has been made of my country. Unlike the blatantly false mea culpas of Miliband and his Labour Party colleagues, I suspect his is sincere. I also find it hard to be too critical of his 1960s views because I suspect his influence on actual events in those days was negligible to nil. In my darker moments, which are getting more and more frequent these days, I sense that there is not much worth fighting for here any more. The left has absolutely blitzed us in the past fifteen years, and some pretty heavy damage was sustained in the preceding 40 years too. I still hope that Anglo-America can regroup in some form in the mid-west, the north or New England, but here space is so limited, and the entirety of the country so accessible to so many immigrants, that we're likely to be drowned by migration. It's tragic, but we seem to have had our immune system completely annihilated.I'm less concerned about London than about our other cities (and towns). For better or for worse, London does have a pretty long history of in-migration, so in some ways is better able to cope psychologically. But our other towns and cities were unprepared and have not been able to cope - the native English have simply packed up, moved out and never really returned, and they are largely lost. London is continually replenished by internal migration of bright, young, talented natives, but Birmingham, Leicester, Reading etc are not. We still have the medium-sized towns, including national treasures like Bath, York, Salisbury and so on, but I don't have much confidence that we'll keep them for long.I don't consider myself a white nationalist - at least not a full-on one. Most of the immigration of the last 10 years has been by (very) white eastern Europeans, but I find it hard to feel much more positive about this than about the vibrant immigration that preceded it (and does still go on). I respect the civilisations of Europe and hope they prosper/rebound - but in their own lands, not here. As others have pointed out, the damage is largely done now. What Labour and their dishonest fellow travellers are proposing amounts to donning a radiation suit - after you swallowed a spoonful of uranium. It's too late. And it's deliberately avoiding the real problem. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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October 24, 2012Conadgrataduadlaadtions on both accounts, I’m super extcied to see the new blog and I hope you have a wonadderadful anniveradsary as well! You deserve the BEST! Hugs & gigadgles.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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There once was a Womagwriter fine Who knew how to turn out a lineShe wrote reams of adviceWhich her fdrneis thought was niceAnd her riches and fame were sublime! *Snort*... okay, I rhymed myself into a corner there :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's fabulous, and I hope riches and fame are yours this year!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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I wrote music to this poem, eventually I would like to record all of Stevie's works
You can hear it x

| Posted on 2009-06-15 | by a guest

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