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Psalm 02 Analysis

Author: poem of John Milton Type: poem Views: 5

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Done Aug. 8. 1653. Terzetti.

Why do the Gentiles tumult, and the Nations
Muse a vain thing, the Kings of th'earth upstand
With power, and Princes in their Congregations
Lay deep their plots together through each Land,
Against the Lord and his Messiah dear.
Let us break off; say they, by strength of hand
Their bonds, and cast from us, no more to wear,
Their twisted cords: he who in Heaven doth dwell
Shall laugh, the Lord shall scoff them, then severe
Speak to them in his wrath, and in his fell                          
And fierce ire trouble them; but I saith hee
Anointed have my King (though ye rebell)
On Sion my holi' hill.  A firm decree
I will declare; the Lord to me hath say'd
Thou art my Son I have begotten thee
This day, ask of me, and the grant is made;
As thy possession I on thee bestow
Th'Heathen, and as thy conquest to be sway'd
Earths utmost bounds: them shalt thou bring full low
With Iron Sceptir bruis'd, and them disperse                        
Like to a potters vessel shiver'd so.
And now be wise at length ye Kings averse
Be taught ye Judges of the earth; with fear
Jehovah serve and let your joy converse
With trembling;  Kiss the Son least he appear
In anger and ye perish in the way
If once his wrath take fire like fuel sere.
Happy all those who have in him their stay.


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You can go either way. If you recaple the strings it might be cheaper and if you decide to do so do it as soon as you can. Buying a new racket can be expensive depending on which kind you buy. If i were you i would just recommend replacing the strings. If you decide to play in tournaments you will want to buy a new racket.hope i helped.References :

| Posted on 2014-03-05 | by a guest

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that was pretty funny. ahtolugh, someone just watching your video would have no clue what they should be seeing. i also found myself straining to hear you, and thinking, "i wish someone would do something about that racket." then i realized i could do something about that racket. then i realized that that racket was part of the effect, and i stopped wanting to do something about that racket.

| Posted on 2014-03-05 | by a guest

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Hey Eddie!You're inspiring! I love the way your mind works and I love this exipnemert! You looking up at the frame above you will naturally make me look at that frame, you making weird faces will pull me back to you, the girl wiggling her hiney distracts me up again like an obduction beam, you slapping your face wins, in the end the girl is too predictable so you are the winner of my attention span.

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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