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Rose , The Analysis

Author: Poetry of Isabella Valancy Crawford Type: Poetry Views: 524

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The Rose was given to man for this:
He, sudden seeing it in later years,
Should swift remember Love's first lingering kiss
And Grief's last lingering tears;
Or, being blind, should feel its yearning soul
Knit all its piercing perfume round his own,
Till he should see on memory's ample scroll
All roses he had known;

Or, being hard, perchance his finger-tips
Careless might touch the satin of its cup,
And he should feel a dead babe's budding lips
To his lips lifted up;

Or, being deaf and smitten with its star,
Should, on a sudden, almost hear a lark
Rush singing up­the nightingale afar
Sing through the dew-bright dark;

Or, sorrow-lost in paths that round and round
Circle old graves, its keen and vital breath
Should call to him within the yew's bleak bound
Of Life, and not of Death.


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.: The rose :.

it is really good. I really enjoyed it but I don't understand what it means. I like it I like IT i LIKE iT alo! it seems to be about this guy who has had alot of love in his life and alot of tradgedy and has not been able to find happiness. Whenever he thinks happiness has found him it is taken away and he is left unsure. In his sorrow he considers taking his life to be with those he has lost but somehow he is save by a small gesture (a rose) perhaps the rose is given to him or perhaps he spots it and it makes him happy. Because of this rose he thinks of life and wishes to live again.

| Posted on 2006-05-28 | by Approved Guest

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