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Stalk Me Analysis

Author: poem of Maggie Estep Type: poem Views: 9

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Liner Notes - (from Love Is A Dog From Hell)

My friend Jenny is really
worried that people are going to follow me around and send me dead animal
parts and doll heads as a result of this song but please, if you feel inclined
to send me dead animal parts, think it through. Thanks.

Stalk me

I once wrote a poem called FUCK ME

So stalk me

I'm asking for it

Don't take your medication

Stalk ME

Write to me and say Dear Maggie I love what you do

You've got a really big mouth

Actually your mouth is a little too big

Anyone ever tell you what a big-mouthed bitch you are

God, you know I'm kinda sick of you

I mean, what's so great about you

How come you got on TV

I could do that

You ain't shit

You suck

I hate you

but I love you

I love you because I hate you

Can I have your children?

Will you shack up with me?

Oh sure

I'll shack up with you

I love stalkers

Especially when they hate me

But you knew that

That's why you stalk me

You're not fooled by my clever ruse

Bitch goddess? I think not

I'm just a sucker for punishment

So punish me

Spank me

Dominate my sock drawer

And stalk me

Don't stalk Jodie Foster, David Letterman or John S. Hall

Don't go through their trash

Their trash is boring

play with my trash

Hurry, I'm waiting

I'm pleading

Just come on and do it

Chew me choke me and stalk me

That'll teach me to write all that goddamned poetry


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