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The Right To Grief Analysis

Author: poem of Carl Sandburg Type: poem Views: 54

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                 To Certain Poets About to Die

Take your fill of intimate remorse, perfumed sorrow,
Over the dead child of a millionaire,
And the pity of Death refusing any check on the bank
Which the millionaire might order his secretary to
     scratch off
And get cashed.

     Very well,
You for your grief and I for mine.
Let me have a sorrow my own if I want to.

I shall cry over the dead child of a stockyards hunky.
His job is sweeping blood off the floor.
He gets a dollar seventy cents a day when he works
And it's many tubs of blood he shoves out with a broom
     day by day.

Now his three year old daughter
Is in a white coffin that cost him a week's wages.
Every Saturday night he will pay the undertaker fifty
     cents till the debt is wiped out.

The hunky and his wife and the kids
Cry over the pinched face almost at peace in the white box.

They remember it was scrawny and ran up high doctor bills.
They are glad it is gone for the rest of the family now
     will have more to eat and wear.

Yet before the majesty of Death they cry around the coffin
And wipe their eyes with red bandanas and sob when
     the priest says, "God have mercy on us all."

I have a right to feel my throat choke about this.
You take your grief and I mine--see?
To-morrow there is no funeral and the hunky goes back
     to his job sweeping blood off the floor at a dollar
     seventy cents a day.
All he does all day long is keep on shoving hog blood
     ahead of him with a broom.


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Your comment is full of aissmptuons. The first being that a degree equates with competence. It does not. Teaching degrees or certificates are awarded to those who know how to play the game of school. They are products of the school system, now entering the profession to perpetuate more of the same on the next generation. Your second assumption is that we actually need to teach our children academic subjects. You'd be amazed at what people can teach themselves when they are not overburdened learning things that really don't matter. As parents, we can help our children find resources to satisfy their desire to learn just about anything. And finally, if a person believes in Creation or Intelligent Design, chances are their children will know more about the idea of evolution than any publicly schooled child. They will understand that it is not a fact as so many people have been led to believe. It's never been proven true, yet because our society is laden with references to it and allusions to the assumption that it is true, many falsely believe it must be true. Not only are children not taught critical thinking skills in school, the very structure of the school system demands that they supress whatever critical thinking skills might be developing; therefore those most important skills are left to atrophy. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-17 | by a guest

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Hi, Marti capturing baeibs who are in almost constant motion when they're awake is difficult and you've done a great job here.Like Al, I wish the light in the background were less bright but then since I haven't seen a version with it less bright, I don't know whether that would work as well. Also, it'd be nice if her whole hand was in the frame. This is in a perfect world, of course, lol.You really did a wonderful job with such a wiggly little subject and I'm sure her parents are pleased as punch. Thanks to them for allowing you the post this and thanks to you for sharing it.Love & Hugs,Flo

| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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