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The Village Analysis

Author: poem of R.S. Thomas Type: poem Views: 8

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Scarcely a street, too few houses
To merit the title; just a way between
The one tavern and the one shop
That leads nowhere and fails at the top
Of the short hill, eaten away
By long erosion of the green tide
Of grass creeping perpetually nearer
This last outpost of time past.

So little happens; the black dog
Cracking his fleas in the hot sun
Is history.  Yet the girl who crosses
From door to door moves to a scale
Beyond the bland day's two dimensions.

Stay, then, village, for round you spins
On a slow axis a world as vast
And meaningful as any posed
By great Plato's solitary mind.

Submitted by Andrew Mayers


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Although generally viewed as a pastoral and nostalgic poem, could it not be seen that this is anti-pastoral? The arresting image of the \'black dog\' and his fleas should be enough to depict nature in a negative light. Also the image of the \'erosion of the green tide Of grass\' surely implies that nature is the negative force, and although powerful, seems to contribute to the village\'s demise. The last stanza portrays the rest of the world as \'meaningful\' which could suggest the village is not important anymore: \'Is history.\' And although it could be seen that Thomas laments this, if the rest of the world is so meaningful, why would it matter? Unless the word \'meaningful\' is sarcastic, and if so i better understand the pastoral reading.

| Posted on 2012-01-03 | by a guest

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The poem is about the fast disappearing physical charms and beauties and activities of the village. It is also about the importance of the village as a basic social unit, that is foundation of all society in its modern form.

| Posted on 2011-11-09 | by a guest

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The vanishing village is an elegy and beautiful depiction of the modern village, due to the neglect of the modern man the villages are diminishing and nearing a catastrophic end. The world is not realizing that actually the villages are the basic foundation of civilization without which the sojourn on earth would not be possible because we depend, for our survival on villages, but the craze of modernization is depriving men of the true beauty and the villages of their real life. The tone of the poet is quite nostalgic and wistful but we find a slight hope coupled with nostalgia that the girl is still walking in the deserted village, symblically it describes the yearned for revival of the rural life.

| Posted on 2010-11-25 | by a guest

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