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One Step Backward Taken Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Frost Type: Poetry Views: 883

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Steeple Bush1947Not only sands and gravels

Were once more on their travels,

But gulping muddy gallons

Great boulders off their balance

Bumped heads together dully

And started down the gully.

Whole capes caked off in slices.

I felt my standpoint shaken

In the universal crisis.

But with one step backward taken

I saved myself from going.

A world torn loose went by me.

Then the rain stopped and the blowing,

And the sun came out to dry me.


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.: :.

As I interperet this I see much emphasis on "...the universal crisis" it seems everything else is but a reflection of whatever this terrible thing is. They could actually be symbols of how everything is the same indifferent to this problem. Its as if the world is stuck in this downpour of self-concern, and the narrarator is shaken by knowing how the world does not care. He possibly speaks of this being their ultimate downfall. By stepping back and not continuing as all else does, he avoids following the path of the world "..turned loose" and saves himself. This may be the answer to one's only true hope of happiness, concern for all of the worlds people, and to recognize this true "universal crisis" that all else seems to ignore.

| Posted on 2009-05-02 | by a guest

.: Meaning :.

This poem can be taken two ways;
1. The apocalypse is happening; giant capes of land are being torn off continents and deposited far away, and the speaker runs away to save himself. Then the sun comes out and life begins anew.
2. THe speaker is hiking and comes across a gully. He feels a rumbling in the group and notices as gravel and pebbles are tumbling down, then gallons of water come rushing by carrying boulders. It stops, and the sun comes out.
I personally like the first analysis better: i made that onme and argued with a collegue about who's definition was better. Anyone care to elaborate?

| Posted on 2008-02-28 | by a guest

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