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The Panic Bird Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Phillips Type: Poetry Views: 136

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1995just flew inside my chest. Some

days it lights inside my brain,

but today it's in my bonehouse,

rattling ribs like a birdcage.If I saw it coming, I'd fend it

off with machete or baseball bat.

Or grab its scrawny hackled neck,

wring it like a wet dishrag.But it approaches from behind.

Too late I sense it at my back --

carrion, garbage, excrement.

Once inside me it preens, roosts,vulture on a public utility pole.

Next it flaps, it cries, it glares,

it rages, it struts, it thrusts

its clacking beak into my liver,my guts, my heart, rips off strips.

I fill with black blood, black bile.

This may last minutes or days.

Then it lifts sickle-shaped wings,rises, is gone, leaving a residue --

foul breath, droppings, molted midnight

feathers. And life continues.

And then I'm prey to panic again.


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I thought this poem was very well written. Phillips used a bird to describe what panic could do to you. I have had a panic attack before, but it wasn't exactly all that excruciating as the poet put it, but i still give him credit.

| Posted on 2008-11-09 | by a guest

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