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Lip-Stick Liz Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 140

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Bar-Room BalladsOh Lip-Stick Liz was in the biz, That's the oldest known in history;

She had a lot of fancy rags, Of her form she made no myst'ry.

She had a man, a fancy man, His name was Alexander,

And he used to beat her up because he couldn't understand her.Now Lip-Stick Liz she loved her man And she couldn't love no other

So when she saw him with a Broadway Blonde, Her rage she could not smother.

She saw him once and she saw him twice But the third time nearly crazed her,

So she walked bang into a hardware store, And she bought a brand new razor.Now Lip-Stick Liz she trailed them two For she was tired of weeping;

She trailed them two, in a flash hotel And there she found them sleeping;

So she gashed them once and she gashed them twice Their ju'lar veins to sever,

And the bright blood flowed like a brook between. And their lives were gone forever.Now Lip-Stick Liz went to the p'lice And sez she: "Me hands are gory,

And you'll put me away in a deep dark cell When once you've heard me story."

So they've put her away in a deep dark cell, Until her life be over

And what is the moral of the whole damn show, I wish I could discover.Chorus:Oh Lip-Stick Liz! What a lousy life this is.It's a hell of a break for a girl on the make,Oh Lip-Stick Liz!


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