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Metamorphoses: Book The Fourteenth Analysis

Author: Poetry of Ovid Type: Poetry Views: 517

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1 ADNOW Glaucus, with a lover's haste, bounds o'erThe swelling waves, and seeks the Latian shore.Messena, Rhegium, and the barren coastOf flaming Aetna, to his sight are lost:At length he gains the Tyrrhene seas, and viewsThe hills where baneful philters Circe brews;Monsters, in various forms, around her press;As thus the God salutes the sorceress.TheO Circe, be indulgent to my grief,TransformationAnd give a love-sick deity relief.of ScyllaToo well the mighty pow'r of plants I know,To those my figure, and new Fate I owe.Against Messena, on th' Ausonian coast,I Scylla view'd, and from that hour was lost.In tend'rest sounds I su'd; but still the fairWas deaf to vows, and pityless to pray'r.If numbers can avail, exert their pow'r;Or energy of plants, if plants have more.I ask no cure; let but the virgin pineWith dying pangs, or agonies, like mine.No longer Circe could her flame disguise,But to the suppliant God marine, replies:When maids are coy, have manlier aims in view;Leave those that fly, but those that like, pursue.If love can be by kind compliance won;See, at your feet, the daughter of the Sun.Sooner, said Glaucus, shall the ash removeFrom mountains, and the swelling surges love;Or humble sea-weed to the hills repair;E'er I think any but my Scylla fair.Strait Circe reddens with a guilty shame,And vows revenge for her rejected flame.Fierce liking oft a spight as fierce creates;For love refus'd, without aversion, hates.To hurt her hapless rival she proceeds;And, by the fall of Scylla, Glaucus bleeds.Some fascinating bev'rage now she brews;Compos'd of deadly drugs, and baneful juice.At Rhegium she arrives; the ocean braves,And treads with unwet feet the boiling waves.Upon the beach a winding bay there lies,Shelter'd from seas, and shaded from the skies:This station Scylla chose: a soft retreatFrom chilling winds, and raging Cancer's heat.The vengeful sorc'ress visits this recess;Her charm infuses, and infects the place.Soon as the nymph wades in, her nether partsTurn into dogs; then at her self she starts.A ghastly horror in her eyes appears;But yet she knows not, who it is she fears;In vain she offers from her self to run,And drags about her what she strives to shun.

.The End of the Fourteenth Book.


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