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Poem Of Night Analysis

Author: Poetry of Galway Kinnell Type: Poetry Views: 230

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1I move my hand overslopes, falls, lumps of sight,

Lashes barely able to be touched,

Lips that give way so easily

it's a shock to feel underneath themThe bones smile.Muffled a little, barely cloaked,

Zygoma, maxillary, turbinate.2I put my hand

On the side of your face,

You lean your head a little

Into my hand--and so,

I know you're a dormouse

Taken up in winter sleep,

A lonely, stunned weight.3A cheekbone,

A curved piece of brow,

A pale eyelid

Float in the dark,

And now I make out

An eye, dark,

Wormed with far-off, unaccountable lights.4Hardly touching, I hold

What I can only think of

As some deepest of memories in my arms,

Not mine, but as if the life in me

Were slowly remembering what it is.You lie here now in your physicalness,

This beautiful degree of reality.5And now the day, raft that breaks up, comes on.I think of a few bones

Floating on a river at night,The starlight blowing in a place on the water,

The river leaning like a wave towards the emptiness.


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