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Those Were The Days Analysis

Author: Poetry of Philip Levine Type: Poetry Views: 100

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The sun came up before breakfast,perfectly round and yellow, and wedressed in the soft light and shook outour long blond curls and waitedfor Maid to brush them flat and placethe part just where it belonged.We came down the carpeted stairsone step at a time, in single file,gleaming in our sailor suits, twofour year olds with unscratched kneesand scrubbed teeth. Breakfast cameon silver dishes with silver coversand was set in table center, and Motherhanded out the portions of eggsand bacon, toast and juice. We couldhear the ocean, not far off, and boatsfiring up their engines, and the shoutsof couples in white on the tennis courts.I thought, Yes, this is the beginningof another summer, and it will go onuntil the sun tires of us or the moonrises in its place on a silvered dawnand no one wakens. My brother flunghis fork on the polished wooden floorand cried out, "My eggs are cold, cold!"and turned his plate over. I laughedout loud, and Mother slapped my face,and when I cleared my eyes the tablewas bare of even a simple white cloth,and the steaming plates had vanished.My brother said, "It's time," and westruggled into our galoshes and snappedthem up, slumped into our pea coats,one year older now and on our wayto the top through the freezing rainsof the end of November, lunch boxesunder our arms, tight fists pocketed,out the door and down the front stoop,heads bent low, tacking into the wind.


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