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To A Fallen Elm Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Clare Type: Poetry Views: 97

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1832Old Elm that murmured in our chimney top

The sweetest anthem autumn ever made

And into mellow whispering calms would drop

When showers fell on thy many coloured shade

And when dark tempests mimic thunder made

While darkness came as it would strangle light

With the black tempest of a winter night

That rocked thee like a cradle to thy root

How did I love to hear the winds upbraid

Thy strength without while all within was mute

It seasoned comfort to our hearts desire

We felt thy kind protection like a friend

And pitched our chairs up closer to the fire

Enjoying comforts that was was never pennedOld favourite tree thoust seen times changes lower

But change till now did never come to thee

For time beheld thee as his sacred dower

And nature claimed thee her domestic tree

Storms came and shook thee with aliving power

Yet stedfast to thy home thy roots hath been

Summers of thirst parched round thy homely bower

Till earth grew iron-still thy leaves was green

The children sought thee in thy summer shade

And made their play house rings of sticks and stone

The mavis sang and felt himself alone

While in they leaves his early nest was made

And I did feel his happiness mine own

Nought heeding that our friendship was betrayedFriend not inanimate-tho stocks and stones

There are and many cloathed in flesh and bones

Thou ownd a lnaguage by which hearts are stirred

Deeper than by the attribute of words

Thine spoke a feeling known in every tongue

Language of pity and the force of wrong

What cant assumes what hypocrites may dare

Speaks home to truth and shows it what they areI see a picture that thy fate displays

And learn a lesson from thy destiny

Self interest saw thee stand in freedoms ways

So thy old shadow must a tyrant be

Thoust heard the knave abusing those in power

Bawl freedom loud and then oppress the free

Thoust sheltered hypocrites in many an hour

That when in power would never shelter thee

Thoust heard the knave supply his canting powers

With wrongs illusions when he wanted friends

That bawled for shelter when he lived in showers

And when clouds vanished made thy shade ammends

With axe at root he felled thee to the ground

And barked of freedom-O I hate that soundIt grows the cant terms of enslaving tools

To wrong another by the name of right

It grows a liscence with oer bearing fools

To cheat plain honesty by force of might

Thus came enclosure-ruin was her guide

But freedoms clapping hands enjoyed the sight

Tho comforts cottage soon was thrust aside

And workhouse prisons raised upon the scite

Een natures dwelling far away from men

The common heath became the spoilers prey

The rabbit had not where to make his den

And labours only cow was drove away

No matter-wrong was right and right was wrong

And freedoms brawl was sanction to the songSuch was thy ruin music making Elm

The rights of freedom was to injure thine

As thou wert served so would they overwhelm

In freedoms name the little so would they over whelm

And these are knaves that brawl for better laws

And cant of tyranny in stronger powers

Who glut their vile unsatiated maws

And freedoms birthright from the weak devours


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