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Liebestod Analysis

Author: Poetry of Dorothy Parker Type: Poetry Views: 289

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Sunset RopeWhen I was bold, when I was bold-And that's a hundred years!-

Oh, never I thought my breast could holdThe terrible weight of tears.I said: "Now some be dolorous;I hear them wail and sigh,

And if it be Love that play them thus,Then never a love will I."I said: "I see them rack and rue,I see them wring and ache,

And little I'll crack my heart in twoWith little the heart can break."When I was gay, when I was gay-It's ninety years and nine!-

Oh, never I thought that Death could layHis terrible hand in mine.I said: "He plies his trade amongThe musty and infirm;

A body so hard and bright and youngCould never be meat for worm.""I see him dull their eyes," I said,"And still their rattling breath.

And how under God could I be deadThat never was meant for Death?"But Love came by, to quench my sleep,And here's my sundered heart;

And bitter's my woe, and black, and deep,And little I guessed a part.Yet this there is to cool my breast,And this to ease my spell;

Now if I were Love's, like all the rest,Then can I be Death's, as well.And he shall have me, sworn and bound,And I'll be done with Love.

And better I'll be below the groundThan ever I'll be above.


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