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Japan Analysis

Author: Poetry of Billy Collins Type: Poetry Views: 744

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Today I pass the time reading

a favorite haiku,

saying the few words over and over.It feels like eating

the same small, perfect grape

again and again.I walk through the house reciting it

and leave its letters falling

through the air of every room.I stand by the big silence of the piano and say it.

I say it in front of a painting of the sea.

I tap out its rhythm on an empty shelf.I listen to myself saying it,

then I say it without listening,

then I hear it without saying it.And when the dog looks up at me,

I kneel down on the floor

and whisper it into each of his long white ears.It's the one about the one-ton temple bell

with the moth sleeping on its surface,and every time I say it, I feel the excruciating

pressure of the moth

on the surface of the iron bell.When I say it at the window,

the bell is the world

and I am the moth resting there.When I say it at the mirror,

I am the heavy bell

and the moth is life with its papery wings.And later, when I say it to you in the dark,

you are the bell,

and I am the tongue of the bell, ringing you,and the moth has flown

from its line

and moves like a hinge in the air above our bed.


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