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The Little Girl Lost Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Blake Type: Poetry Views: 1199

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Songs of Experience1789In futurity

I prophesy see.

That the earth from sleep.

(Grave the sentence deep)Shall arise and seek

For her maker meek:

And the desart wild

Become a garden mild.In the southern clime,

Where the summers prime

Never fades away;

Lovely Lyca lay.Seven summers old

Lovely Lyca told,

She had wandered long.

Hearing wild birds song.Sweet sleep come to me

Underneath this tree;

Do father, mother weep.--

"Where can Lyca sleep".Lost in desert wild

Is your little child.

How can Lyca sleep.

If her mother weep.If her heart does ake.

Then let Lyca wake;

If my mother sleep,

Lyca shall not weep.Frowning, frowning night,

O'er this desert bright.

Let thy moon arise.

While I close my eyes.Sleeping Lyca lay:

While the beasts of prey,

Come from caverns deep,

View'd the maid asleepThe kingly lion stood

And the virgin view'd:

Then he gambolled round

O'er the hallowed ground:Leopards, tygers play,

Round her as she lay;

While the lion old,

Bow'd his mane of gold,And her bosom lick,

And upon her neck,

From his eyes of flame,

Ruby tears there came;While the lioness

Loos'd her slender dress,

And naked they convey'd

To caves the sleeping maid.


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.: :.

Another think that occured to me: even if the lion took Lyka\'s parents to her he could actually be taking them to her corpse...or her spirit...End of second poem (Little Girl Found) says:
Then they followed
Where the vision led,
And saw their sleeping child
Among tigers wild.
To this day they dwell
In a lonely dell,
Nor fear the wolvish howl
Nor the lion\'s growl.
They found her but never came back...they saw her \"sleeping\" and stayed there amongst beasts. They could be dead for all that...maybe waiting for judgement (since they were treated well but still stay there between evil creatures, but not afraid of the lion)
Also on the first it says they took off the girl\'s dress (hard to think it was the lioness\' dress) which could actually mean they took off her body...they only protected the soul. Also then the parents could be ead before they found the lion: it says they were walking for days and that could have been their death.
There\'s even a chance Lyka was dead from the start since it says she was somehow gone missing. She could actually be dead and that\'s why her mother weeps...
In the southern clime,
Where the summer\'s prime
Never fades away,
Lovely Lyca lay.
The lovely weather that never fades could be more than warm and snny all year round...sounds like eden
Also back to the nature view he says right at the start that the earth \"shall rise from the grave and seek it\'s maker\" so it could be the destroyed nature trying to come back...but he also says desert would become a garden: so hard to concieve and yet we already have some stuff on nature going the exact opposite of what should be: Weather is going crazy everywhere, disasters and all that...He says on the start of the poem that as a prophecy...just he imagines the earth mildly trying to survive on a pretty way and we see it now becoming disasters...maybe after the disasters the devastated land could become a garden if men is not on the way...

| Posted on 2011-11-16 | by a guest

.: :.

I really find it hard to think of the lion representing abuse or anything bad for on the second poem (where the parents find Lika) the lion protects the girl and the parents. I know it sounds like he could be a rapist or something on this one but try to read The Little irl Found (when Lyka\'s parent\'s are searching for her and find her)
There is a chance Lyka is Nature and being in danger because of men, her parents searching and the lion helping could be....God and good people trying to help?
But I can also see the idea of a real girl going through adolescence trouble or just fascing the wild world we live in. The parents see her suffering and try to reach out and help but....young people can be hard to get to...Somehow she senses she\'s making her parents suffer and worries about i:
If her heart does ache,
Then let Lyca wake;
If my mother sleep,
Lyca shall not weep.
The lion could really be religion (as oposed to the tiger also mentioned on other poems as an evil force) for he sometimes sound like an angel or even god. He is obviously old (and god should be very old if he created the earth) and powerful, his tears are of blood (as sometimes on statues of Jesus just before dying) and on the second poem he is said to be a \"spirit armed in gold\", golden hair and a golden crown, and a vision (like angels appeared to help, instruct or even show the way or save people). The lion takes Lyka\'s parents to her and they live together between beasts without fear. Even if you take off all the religion stuff the lion still sounds like a saviour speccially on the second.

| Posted on 2011-11-16 | by a guest

.: :.

i understand lyca to be the earth, as the writer above suggested. it reminds me of the story of Noah and his ark: 'if her heart does ache/then let lyca wake' it is as though the earth is saying that if god is unhappy with what is going on upon the earth (leapords,tigers play/round her as she lay) or, indeed, the industrial. revolution, the earth will wake and fight back, just like the flood in noah's story. however, the presence of the lion suggests that, although god gives free will to the people on earth, he also is there,ares for it. the paedophilia interpretation makes sense, but i don't see it, considering the rest of Blake's poems. sorry for the lack of punctuation in this!

| Posted on 2010-06-12 | by a guest

.: :.

As an IB DP student my initial interpretation of the poem was that of the religious aspect. (Emphasis on my interpretation - may not necessarily be correct/ for that matter incorrect either) Lyca seems to be under 'bad' influence/ experiencing all the nasty realities of life (the "wild birds' song"). The serpent is calling for her; telling her to 'take the apple' as Eve did in the Bible ("sweet sleep, come to me, underneath this tree"). Both her parents are concerned and her mother weeps, this may be because Lyca may be going through the Natural Process of life. Then the kingly lion representing a Christlike figure or a guardian angel, protects her from the "beasts of prey". The lion not only protects her from evil but cleanses her of all sinful acts & He shows her the light (to the Bible; to God) where she then becomes a woman of Innocence ("maid" - 'unmarried girl'/ 'a virgin').
However, (not to go into detail) there is another interpretation of Lyca experiencing adolescences and the lion representing a rapist steals her innocence giving her unwanted experience. Therefore robbing her of her virginity - bestowing sadness upon her and her family. And so on and so forth...
I am only able to really argue the religious fact behind William Blake's poem; the message in which he sends to his readers is to "put aside their fear and hesitation and accept God in themselves as Lyca accepts her lover" (Blake).
Oh, on the other hand, Lyca in Greek "Laika" means harlot or prostitutes which contradicts my interpretation as one that leads to Christ.

| Posted on 2008-12-21 | by a guest

.: :.

I know no explainations are allowed but my A Level class were reading this peom and we were wondering if Lyca has any significant meaning. I cannot find the origin of the name so I am not so sure if I is a name of if Blake made it up.
My overall opinion of this poem is that Blake seems to me talking paedophillia and that the lion and lioness are taking the girls sexual innocence from her giving her experience of how evil the world can be.

| Posted on 2007-04-23 | by a guest

.: :.

(Please take into account that I am only an A-level student)
When I first read between the lines, firstly I saw an innocent child. Then, developing into an adult throwing herself into the big wide world, upsetting and worrying her parents. Reading even closer, I decided that anoother interpretation was that Lyca was infact Mother Nature battling against the industrial revolution. Furthermore, there are certain words that can be related to the loss of virginity, or how lyca's body is changing with age - references to mensturation.

Now to tackle my essay - I do like Willy : )

| Posted on 2005-01-18 | by Approved Guest

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