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Spinster Analysis

Author: Poetry of Sylvia Plath Type: Poetry Views: 1212

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The Collected Poems1956Now this particular girl

During a ceremonious april walk

With her latest suitor

Found herself, of a sudden, intolerably struck

By the birds' irregular babel

And the leaves' litter.By this tumult afflicted, she

Observed her lover's gestures unbalance the air,

His gait stray uneven

Through a rank wilderness of fern and flower;

She judged petals in disarray,

The whole season, sloven.How she longed for winter then! --

Scrupulously austere in its order

Of white and black

Ice and rock; each sentiment within border,

And heart's frosty discipline

Exact as a snowflake.But here -- a burgeoning

Unruly enough to pitch her five queenly wits

Into vulgar motley --

A treason not to be borne; let idiots

Reel giddy in bedlam spring:

She withdrew neatly.And round her house she set

Such a barricade of barb and check

Against mutinous weather

As no mere insurgent man could hope to break

With curse, fist, threat

Or love, either.


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.: :.

Spinster is about a woman who is in love with order. Winter is a metaphor for this, as winter is connected to order, whereas spring is associated with chaos. In order to prevent the feeling or hurt or loss, she must give up the idea of love (mentioned in the last few line). Being with a man will also disrupt her usual routine which she cannot do. Plath uses a lot of harsh word sounds like \'particular\' to emphasize her love for order.

| Posted on 2013-02-21 | by a guest

.: :.

This is officially the worst poem ever written. Silvia Plath is fat and a depressed lunatic who belongs in a mental asylum. Spike Humphrey writes better poems than this garbage.

| Posted on 2012-10-18 | by a guest

.: :.

This poem is about the poet\'s fear that she will be unequal to accepting and grasping the world she must write about. (She refers to Wallace Stevens\'s \"Anecdote of a Jar\" and the slovenly wilderness.) Being a spinster is just an extended metaphor of that fear and condition.

| Posted on 2011-05-25 | by a guest

.: :.

'spinster' is a typical poem of sylvia plath. the persona of the poem isa female who has not come across the rightmale to fet married. The fault lay with her upbringing that impelled her to supress her natural insinct. As a result, during har walk with her latest suitor, she felt completely out of sorts. The song of the birds seemed to her noisy and rustling leaves a heap. the presence of the suitor unnerved har and she felt herself completely a disoriented. no wonder, the supression of natural instincts made her frigid. Her frigidity fully accorded with the severity of the winter season. She was so much wrapped in her ownself that nothing could disturb her dead equanimity. No coaxing could pervail upon her to respond to any change in the weather, milieu or life. The poem shows that supression of natural instincts is as deadening as opression. Death-in-life is far nworse than any mortal threat

| Posted on 2010-04-27 | by a guest

.: analysis :.

This poem is about a girl who is being courted by a man during the spring. He is taking her out on a regular walk, as she realizes how much she dislikes the season spring as opposed to winter. She dislikes spring because it is unorderly, unlike winter being clear-cut black and white. She realizes she does not want to be with the man, or outside in the spring weather, so she leaves. When she reaches her home, she barricades it, and shuts herself in. Love is parallel to spring because it is unorderly and unorganized. The man also represents the season because she is scared to fall in love. Her heart is like her home. She protects it from the weather, as she protects it from falling in love with the man.

-AP, 4/12/05

| Posted on 2005-04-12 | by Approved Guest

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