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To Elsie Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Carlos Williams Type: Poetry Views: 330

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The pure products of America

go crazy-

mountain folk from Kentuckyor the ribbed north end of


with its isolate lakes andvalleys, its deaf-mutes, thieves

old names

and promiscuity betweendevil-may-care men who have taken

to railroading

out of sheer lust of adventure-and young slatterns, bathed

in filth

from Monday to Saturdayto be tricked out that night

with gauds

from imaginations which have nopeasant traditions to give them


but flutter and flauntsheer rags-succumbing without


save numbed terrorunder some hedge of choke-cherry

or viburnum-

which they cannot express-Unless it be that marriage


with a dash of Indian bloodwill throw up a girl so desolate

so hemmed round

with disease or murderthat she'll be rescued by an


reared by the state andsent out at fifteen to work in

some hard-pressed

house in the suburbs-some doctor's family, some Elsie-

voluptuous water

expressing with brokenbrain the truth about us-

her great

ungainly hips and flopping breastsaddressed to cheap


and rich young men with fine eyesas if the earth under our feet


an excrement of some skyand we degraded prisoners


to hunger until we eat filthwhile the imagination strains

after deer

going by fields of goldenrod inthe stifling heat of September


it seems to destroy usIt is only in isolate flecks that


is given offNo one

to witness

and adjust, no one to drive the car


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IF u like getting it in the rear then u'll like this poem. It talks about the paassion one has for the well being of others. With the long rode ahead, she takes the time to realize what she needs in her life. Which is the satisfying feeling of a man's penis. She is longing for the distribution of a man than can give it to her. She is like a lost dog wandering from place to place in search of this. Until finally she ends her search without finding what she wanted. Until one day while walking in the Fields of Golden Rod she met the man that she had been looking for. They do the do and she parts with him only learning that his satisfying touch will only linger with her longer. As she head back home she finds out that he has been following her. SHe sees him in the market place, hiding, watching, waiting, to be at her rescue when needed. WHen she arrives home she notices that her bedroom door is wide open and looks in, only to find him wating for her. They kiss and marry.

| Posted on 2006-02-02 | by Approved Guest

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