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I see around me tombstones grey Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Jane Brontė Type: Poetry Views: 198

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I see around me tombstones grey

Stretching their shadows far away.

Beneath the turf my footsteps tread

Lie low and lone the silent dead -

Beneath the turf - beneath the mould -

Forever dark, forever cold -

And my eyes cannot hold the tears

That memory hoards from vanished years

For Time and Death and Mortal pain

Give wounds that will not heal again -

Let me remember half the woe

I've seen and heard and felt below,

And Heaven itself - so pure and blest,

Could never give my spirit rest -

Sweet land of light! thy children fair

Know nought akin to our despair -

Nor have they felt, nor can they tell

What tenants haunt each mortal cell,

What gloomy guests we hold within -

Torments and madness, tears and sin!

Well - may they live in ectasy

Their long eternity of joy;

At least we would not bring them down

With us to weep, with us to groan,

No - Earth would wish no other sphere

To taste her cup of sufferings drear;

She turns from Heaven with a careless eye

And only mourns that we must die!

Ah mother, what shall comfort thee

In all this boundless misery?

To cheer our eager eyes a while

We see thee smile; how fondly smile!

But who reads not through that tender glow

Thy deep, unutterable woe:

Indeed no dazzling land above

Can cheat thee of thy children's love.

We all, in life's departing shine,

Our last dear longings blend with thine;

And struggle still and strive to trace

With clouded gaze, thy darling face.

We would not leave our native home

For any world beyond the Tomb.

No - rather on thy kindly breast

Let us be laid in lasting rest;

Or waken but to share with thee

A mutual immortality -


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