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The Parachutist Analysis

Author: Poetry of Jon Anderson Type: Poetry Views: 121

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The Milky WayThen the air was perfect. And his descent

to the white earth slowed.Falling

became an ability to rest--asthe released breath

believes in life. Further down it snowed,a confusion of slow novas

which his shoes touched upon, which seemed

as he fell byto be rising. From every

small college and rural town:the clearest, iced blossoms of thought,but gentle.Then the housetops

of friends, who

he thought had been speaking of his arrival,

withdrew, each from another.He saw that his friends

lived in a solitude they had not ever said aloud.Strangely he thought this good.The world, in fact,

which in these moments he came toward,seemed casual.

Had he been thinking this all along?A life

where he belonged, having lived with himselfalways, as a secret friend.A few may have seen him then. In evidence:

the stopped dots

of children & dogs, sudden weaveof a car--

acquaintances, circling up

into the adventure they imagined. They saw him dropthrough the line breaks

and preciousness of artdown to the lake

which openly awaited him.Here the thingreen ice allowed him in.Some ran, and were late.

These would

forever imagine tragedy(endless descent,

his face floating among the reeds,

unrecognized), as thosewho imagine the silence of a guest

to be mysterious, or wrong.


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