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"Gay" is the captivating cognomen... (XVIII) Analysis

Author: Poetry of e.e. cummings Type: Poetry Views: 188

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"Gay" is the captivating cognomen of a Young Woman of cambridge,mass.

to whom nobody seems to have mentioned ye olde freudian wish;

when i contemplate her uneyes safely ensconced in thick glass

you try if we are a gentleman not to think of(sh)the world renowned investigator of paper sailors--argonauta argo

harmoniously being with his probably most brilliant pupil mated,

let us not deem it miraculous if their(so to speak)offspring has that largo

appearance of somebody who was hectocotyliferously propagatedwhen Miss G touched n.y. our skeleton stepped from his cupboard

gallantly offering to demonstrate the biggest best busiest city

and presently found himself rattling for that well known suburb

the bronx(enlivening an otherwise dead silence with harmless quips, outof Briggs by Kitty)arriving in an exhausted condition, i purchased two bags of lukewarmpeanuts

with the dime which her mama had generously provided(despite courte-ous protestations)

and offering Miss Gay one(which she politely refused)set out gaily forthe hyenas

suppressing my frank qualms in deference to her not inobvious perturba-tionsunhappily, the denizens of the zoo were that day inclined to be uncouthlyerotic

more particularly the primates--from which with dignity square feetturned abruptly Miss Gay away:

"on the whole"(if you will permit a metaphor savouring slightly of thedemotic)

Miss Gay had nothing to say to the animals and the animals had nothingto say to Miss Gayduring our return voyage, my pensive companion dimly remarlted some-thing about "stuffed

fauna" being "very interesting" . . . we also discussed the possibility ofrain. . .

E distant proximity to a Y.W.c.a. she suddenly luffed

--thanking me; and(stating that she hoped we might "meet again

sometime")vanished, gunwale awash. I thereupon loosened my collar

and dove for the nearest l; surreptitiously cogitating

the dictum of a new england sculptor(well on in life)re the helen moller

dancers, whom he considered "elevating--that is, if dancing CAN be ele-vating"Miss(believe it or)Gay is a certain Young Woman unacquainted with thelibido

and pursuing a course of instruction at radcliffe college, cambridge, mass.

i try if you are a gentleman not to sense something un poco putrido

when we contemplate her uneyes safely ensconced in thick glass


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