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The House Analysis

Author: Poetry of Charles Bukowski Type: Poetry Views: 108

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<p>They are building a house<br>

half a block down<br>

and I sit up here<br>

with the shades down<br>

listening to the sounds,<br>

the hammers pounding in nails,<br>

thack thack thack thack,<br>

and then I hear birds,<br>

and thack thack thack,<br>

and I go to bed,<br>

I pull the covers to my throat;<br>

they have been building this house<br>

for a month, and soon it will have<br>

its people...sleeping, eating,<br>

loving, moving around,<br>

but somehow<br>


it is not right,<br>

there seems a madness,<br>

men walk on top with nails<br>

in their mouths<br>

and I read about Castro and Cuba,<br>

and at night I walk by<br>

and the ribs of the house show<br>

and inside I can see cats walking<br>

the way cats walk,<br>

and then a boy rides by on a bicycle<br>

and still the house is not done<br>

and in the morning the men<br>

will be back<br>

walking around on the house<br>

with their hammers,<br>

and it seems people should not build houses<br>


it seems people should not get married<br>


it seems people should stop working<br>

and sit in small rooms<br>

on 2nd floors<br>

under electric lights without shades;<br>

it seems there is a lot to forget<br>

and a lot not to do,<br>

and in drugstores, markets, bars,<br>

the people are tired, they do not want<br>

to move, and I stand there at night<br>

and look through this house and the<br>

house does not want to be built;<br>

through its sides I can see the purple hills<br>

and the first lights of evening,<br>

and it is cold<br>

and I button my coat<br>

and I stand there looking through the house<br>

and the cats stop and look at me<br>

until I am embarrased<br>

and move North up the sidewalk<br>

where I will buy<br>

cigarettes and beer<br>

and return to my room.



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