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The Burial of Love Analysis

Author: Poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson Type: Poetry Views: 426

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The Burial of Love

His eyes in eclipse,

Pale-cold his lips,

The light of his hopes unfed,

Mute his tongue,

His bow unstrung

With the tears he hath shed,

Backward drooping his graceful head,

Love is dead:

His last arrow is sped;

He hath not another dart;

Go–carry him to his dark deathbed;

Bury him in the cold, cold heart–

Love is dead.

O truest love! art thou forlorn,

And unrevenged? thy pleasant wiles

Forgotten, and thine innocent joy?

Shall hollow-hearted apathy,

The cruellest form of perfect scorn,

With languor of most hateful smiles,

For ever write,

In the withered light

Of the tearless eye,

And epitaph that all may spy?

No! sooner she herself shall die.

For her the showers shall not fall,

Nor the round sun shine that shineth to all;

Her light shall into darkness change;

For her the green grass shall not spring,

Nor the rivers flow, nor the sweet birds sing,

Till Love have his full revenge.


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I really liked reanidg that poem; as a man nearing 30 I have had some bumps and bruises as of yet; but this poem; to me, rejuvenates me and boldly clams in my heart that the powerful dreams I still have for my life are not dead but still live!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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