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Eros In His Striped Blue Shirt Analysis

Author: poem of Reginald Shepherd Type: poem Views: 13

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and green plaid shorts goes strolling

through Juneau Park at eight o’clock

with only a hooded yellow windbreaker

for protection, trawling the bushes after work

while tugboats crawl the dark freshwater

outlook. Mist coming in not even from a sea, rain

later in the evening from Lake Michigan, a promise

like wait till your father gets home. The air

is full of fog and botched seductions, reluctance

of early summer to arrive. It’s fifty-five degrees

in June, the bodies can barely be made out

leaning on picnic tables under trees or

set sentinel like statues along the paths (the founder

corrodes quietly on his pedestal, inscription

effaced under faggots go home). Lips

touched to a public fountain for a passerby

shape clouded breath into a who-goes-there?, into a

friend-or-foe?, eyes catching eyes like hooks

cast in a shallow tide. Night pouring in like water

into a lock, the rusted freighter lowered level

to level, banks of the cement canal

on either side, but miles from any dock.


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