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My Future Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 5

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"Let's make him a sailor," said Father,

"And he will adventure the sea."

"A soldier," said Mother, "is rather

What I would prefer him to be."

"A lawyer," said Father, "would please me,

For then he could draw up my will."

"A doctor," said Mother, "would ease me;

Maybe he could give me a pill."

Said Father: "Lt's make him a curate,

A Bishop in gaiters to be."

Said Mother: "I couldn't endure it

To have Willie preaching to me."

Said Father: ""Let him be a poet;

So often he's gathering wool."

Said Mother with temper: "Oh stow it!

You know it, a poet's a fool."

Said Farther: "Your son is a duffer,

A stupid and mischievous elf."

Said Mother, who's rather a huffer:

"That's right - he takes after yourself."

Controlling parental emotion

They turned to me, seeking a cue,

And sudden conceived the bright notion

To ask what I wanted to do.

Said I: "my ambition is modest:

A clown in a circus I'd be,

And turn somersaults in the sawdust

With audience laughing at me."

. . . Poor parents! they're dead and decaying,

But I am a clown as you see;

And though in no circus I'm playing,

How people are laughing at me!


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