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Ode To The Artichoke Analysis

Author: Poetry of Pablo Neruda Type: Poetry Views: 749

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The artichokeWith a tender heartDressed up like a warrior,Standing at attention, it builtA small helmetUnder its scalesIt remainedUnshakeable,By its sideThe crazy vegetablesUncurledTheir tendrills and leaf-crowns,Throbbing bulbs,In the sub-soilThe carrotWith its red mustachesWas sleeping,The grapevineHung out to dry its branchesThrough which the wine will rise,The cabbageDedicated itselfTo trying on skirts,The oreganoTo perfuming the world,And the sweetArtichokeThere in the garden,Dressed like a warrior,BurnishedLike a proudPomegrante.And one daySide by sideIn big wicker basketsWalking through the marketTo realize their dreamThe artichoke armyIn formation.Never was it so militaryLike on parade.The menIn their white shirtsAmong the vegetablesWereThe MarshalsOf the artichokesLines in close orderCommand voices,And the bangOf a falling box.ButThenMariaComesWith her basketShe choosesAn artichoke,She's not afraid of it.She examines it, she observes itUp against the light like it was an egg,She buys it,She mixes it upIn her handbagWith a pair of shoesWith a cabbage head and aBottleOf vinegarUntilShe enters the kitchenAnd submerges it in a pot.Thus endsIn peaceThis careerOf the armed vegetableWhich is called an artichoke,ThenScale by scale,We strip offThe delicacyAnd eatThe peaceful mushOf its green heart.


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