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Deaths And Entrances Analysis

Author: poem of Dylan Thomas Type: poem Views: 15

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On almost the incendiary eve

  Of several near deaths,

When one at the great least of your best loved

  And always known must leave

Lions and fires of his flying breath,

  Of your immortal friends

Who'd raise the organs of the counted dust

  To shoot and sing your praise,

One who called deepest down shall hold his peace

  That cannot sink or cease

  Endlessly to his wound

In many married London's estranging grief.

On almost the incendiary eve

  When at your lips and keys,

Locking, unlocking, the murdered strangers weave,

  One who is most unknown,

Your polestar neighbour, sun of another street,

  Will dive up to his tears.

He'll bathe his raining blood in the male sea

  Who strode for your own dead

And wind his globe out of your water thread

  And load the throats of shells

  with every cry since light

Flashed first across his thunderclapping eyes.

On almost the incendiary eve

  Of deaths and entrances,

When near and strange wounded on London's waves

  Have sought your single grave,

One enemy, of many, who knows well

  Your heart is luminous

In the watched dark, quivering through locks and caves,

  Will pull the thunderbolts

To shut the sun, plunge, mount your darkened keys

  And sear just riders back,

  Until that one loved least

Looms the last Samson of your zodiac.


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.: :.

It makes me all warm and fuzzy on my insides. and by insides, i mean my anus

| Posted on 2015-05-21 | by a guest

.: :.

This poem concerns a story Dylan Thomas heard about a piano player who was playing alone in a concert hall when it was hit by a bomb during the war, hence lines such as "mount your darkened keys", "When at your lips and keys" and "On almost the incendiary eve, Of several near deaths", referring to those who narrowly managed to survive.
So yes, very sexual.

| Posted on 2009-04-09 | by a guest

.: :.

i think its beautiful and touching it makes me hard if you know what i mean.

| Posted on 2009-03-06 | by a guest

.: :.

does anyone else, most likely as immature as myself, think that this is a little... sexual?

| Posted on 2008-07-24 | by a guest

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