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Snow White's Acne Analysis

Author: poem of Denise Duhamel Type: poem Views: 14

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At first she was sure it was just a bit of dried strawberry juice,

or a fleck of her mother's red nail polish that had flaked off

when she'd patted her daughter to sleep the night before.

But as she scrubbed, Snow felt a bump, something festering

under the surface, like a tapeworm curled up and living

in her left cheek.

                          Doc the Dwarf was no dermatologist

and besides Snow doesn't get to meet him in this version

because the mint leaves the tall doctor puts over her face

only make matters worse. Snow and the Queen hope

against hope for chicken pox, measles, something

that would be gone quickly and not plague Snow's whole


                    If only freckles were red, she cried, if only

concealer really worked. Soon came the pus, the yellow dots,

multiplying like pins in a pin cushion. Soon came

the greasy hair. The Queen gave her daughter a razor

for her legs and a stick of underarm deodorant.


doodled through her teenage years—"Snow + ?" in Magic

Markered hearts all over her notebooks. She was an average

student, a daydreamer who might have been a scholar

if she'd only applied herself. She liked sappy music

and romance novels. She liked pies and cake

instead of fruit.

                       The Queen remained the fairest in the land.

It was hard on Snow, having such a glamorous mom.

She rebelled by wearing torn shawls and baggy gowns.

Her mother would sometimes say, "Snow darling,

why don't you pull back your hair? Show those pretty eyes?"

or "Come on, I'll take you shopping."

                                                        Snow preferred

staying in her safe room, looking out of her window

at the deer leaping across the lawn. Or she'd practice

her dance moves with invisible princes. And the Queen,

busy being Queen, didn't like to push it.

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