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The Daisy follows soft the Sun Analysis

Author: poem of Emily Dickinson Type: poem Views: 16

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The Daisy follows soft the Sun—

And when his golden walk is done—

Sits shyly at his feet—

He—waking—finds the flower there—

Wherefore—Marauder—art thou here?

Because, Sir, love is sweet!

We are the Flower—Thou the Sun!

Forgive us, if as days decline—

We nearer steal to Thee!

Enamored of the parting West—

The peace—the flight—the Amethyst—

Night's possibility!


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the daisy follows soft the sun theme is love for God. we can notice the biblical language that is used in the poem \thou,,thee,,forgive us\. in the second stanza the speaker says we are the flower, by we she mean all human beings. coming closer day by day to the day we meet god,, as the daisy meets the sun.

| Posted on 2014-07-16 | by a guest

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what is the theme of this poem.
'The daisy follow soft the sun'

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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the \"daisy\" may be a sunflower, which in fact follows the sun by turning its face toward the light as it moves across the sky.

| Posted on 2011-07-11 | by a guest

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She is talking of how some flowers open their bloom at the rise of the sun and close their bloom at the setting of the sun. The sun and the flowers are personified and one can recognise the love and lust the flowers show towards the wonderful sun which gives them life and purpose. It could be said the poem is a metaphor for unrequited love. William Blake wrote a similar poem entitled \"Ah Sunflower\".

| Posted on 2011-06-05 | by a guest

.: poem :.

The daisy follows soft the sun,
And when his golden walk is done,
Sits shyly at his feet.
He, walking, finds the flower near.
"Wherefore, marauder, art thou here?"
"Because, sir, love is sweet!"

We are the flower, Thou the sun!
Forgive us, is as days decline,
We nearer steal to Thee,
Enamoured of the parting west,
The peace, the flight, the amethyst,
Night's possibility!

| Posted on 2007-11-26 | by a guest

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