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Confined Love Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Donne Type: Poetry Views: 550

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Some man unworthy to be possessor

Of old or new love, himself being false or weak,

Thought his pain and shame would be lesser

If on womankind he might his anger wreak,

And thence a law did grow,

One might but one man know;

But are other creatures so?Are Sun, Moon, or Stars by law forbidden

To smile where they list, or lend away their light?

Are birds divorced, or are they chidden

If they leave their mate, or lie abroad a-night?

Beasts do no jointures lose

Though they new lovers choose,

But we are made worse than those.Who e'er rigged fair ship to lie in harbours

And not to seek new lands, or not to deal withal?

Or built fair houses, set trees, and arbors,

Only to lock up, or else to let them fall?

Good is not good unless

A thousand it possess,

But dost waste with greediness.


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This poem is about the narrator encouraging cheating on a partner. His metaphor about a ship discovering new lands connotates that partners should explore other lovers, while being together. He explains that this type of deception should not be condoned.

| Posted on 2009-10-04 | by a guest

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