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Upon A Wasp Chilled With Cold Analysis

Author: poem of Edward Taylor Type: poem Views: 22

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The bear that breathes the northern blast

Did numb, torpedo-like, a wasp

Whose stiffened limbs encramped, lay bathing

In Sol's warm breath and shine as saving,

Which with her hands she chafes and stands

Rubbing her legs, shanks, thighs, and hands.

Her pretty toes, and fingers' ends

Nipped with this breath, she out extends

Unto the sun, in great desire

To warm her digits at that fire.

Doth hold her temples in this state

Where pulse doth beat, and head doth ache.

Doth turn, and stretch her body small,

Doth comb her velvet capital.

As if her little brain pan were

A volume of choice precepts clear.

As if her satin jacket hot

Contained apothecary's shop

Of nature's receipts, that prevails

To remedy all her sad ails,

As if her velvet helmet high

Did turret rationality.

She fans her wing up to the wind

As if her pettycoat were lined,

With reason's fleece, and hoists sails

And humming flies in thankful gales

Unto her dun curled palace hall

Her warm thanks offering for all.

      Lord, clear my misted sight that I

May hence view Thy divinity,

Some sparks whereof thou up dost hasp

Within this little downy wasp

In whose small corporation we

A school and a schoolmaster see,

Where we may learn, and easily find

A nimble spirit bravely mind

Her work in every limb: and lace

It up neat with a vital grace,

Acting each part though ne'er so small

Here of this fustian animal.

Till I enravished climb into

The Godhead on this ladder do,

Where all my pipes inspired upraise

An heavenly music furred with praise.


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