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Fleurette Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 5

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(The Wounded Canadian Speaks)

My leg? It's off at the knee.

Do I miss it? Well, some. You see

    I've had it since I was born;

    And lately a devilish corn.

(I rather chuckle with glee

    To think how I've fooled that corn.)

But I'll hobble around all right.

    It isn't that, it's my face.

Oh I know I'm a hideous sight,

    Hardly a thing in place;

Sort of gargoyle, you'd say.

    Nurse won't give me a glass,

    But I see the folks as they pass

Shudder and turn away;

    Turn away in distress . . .

    Mirror enough, I guess.

I'm gay! You bet I AM gay;

    But I wasn't a while ago.

If you'd seen me even to-day,

    The darndest picture of woe,

With this Caliban mug of mine,

    So ravaged and raw and red,

Turned to the wall -- in fine,

    Wishing that I was dead. . . .

What has happened since then,

    Since I lay with my face to the wall,

The most despairing of men?

    Listen! I'll tell you all.

That poilu across the way,

    With the shrapnel wound in his head,

Has a sister: she came to-day

    To sit awhile by his bed.

All morning I heard him fret:

    "Oh, when will she come, Fleurette?"

Then sudden, a joyous cry;

    The tripping of little feet,

The softest, tenderest sigh,

    A voice so fresh and sweet;

Clear as a silver bell,

    Fresh as the morning dews:

"C'est toi, c'est toi, Marcel!

    Mon frère, comme je suis heureuse!"

So over the blanket's rim

    I raised my terrible face,

And I saw -- how I envied him!

    A girl of such delicate grace;

Sixteen, all laughter and love;

    As gay as a linnet, and yet

As tenderly sweet as a dove;

    Half woman, half child -- Fleurette.

Then I turned to the wall again.

    (I was awfully blue, you see),

And I thought with a bitter pain:

    "Such visions are not for me."

So there like a log I lay,

    All hidden, I thought, from view,

When sudden I heard her say:

    "Ah! Who is that malheureux?"

Then briefly I heard him tell

    (However he came to know)

How I'd smothered a bomb that fell

    Into the trench, and so

None of my men were hit,

    Though it busted me up a bit.

Well, I didn't quiver an eye,

    And he chattered and there she sat;

And I fancied I heard her sigh --

    But I wouldn't just swear to that.

And maybe she wasn't so bright,

    Though she talked in a merry strain,

And I closed my eyes ever so tight,

    Yet I saw her ever so plain:

Her dear little tilted nose,

    Her delicate, dimpled chin,

Her mouth like a budding rose,

    And the glistening pearls within;

Her eyes like the violet:

Such a rare little queen -- Fleurette.

And at last when she rose to go,

    The light was a little dim,

And I ventured to peep, and so

    I saw her, graceful and slim,

And she kissed him and kissed him, and oh

    How I envied and envied him!

So when she was gone I said

    In rather a dreary voice

To him of the opposite bed:

    "Ah, friend, how you must rejoice!

But me, I'm a thing of dread.

    For me nevermore the bliss,

    The thrill of a woman's kiss."

Then I stopped, for lo! she was there,

    And a great light shone in her eyes;

And me! I could only stare,

    I was taken so by surprise,

When gently she bent her head:

    "May I kiss you, Sergeant?" she said.

Then she kissed my burning lips

    With her mouth like a scented flower,

And I thrilled to the finger-tips,

    And I hadn't even the power

To say: "God bless you, dear!"

And I felt such a precious tear

    Fall on my withered cheek,

    And darn it! I couldn't speak.

And so she went sadly away,

    And I knew that my eyes were wet.

Ah, not to my dying day

    Will I forget, forget!

Can you wonder now I am gay?

    God bless her, that little Fleurette!


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Alors ce n'est pas du tout l'heure pour faire un tour sur ton blog... J'ai plutot envie de conmcmeer par le dessert!e0 propos, il neige aussi chez nous...

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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1 novembre 2012Hi rellay pleasant things the following , I will bookmark and are available again later ! Thank you and make sure you got a whole new admirer! Sorry for my english but I m not a english talking person x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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je ne suis pas une grand adepte du cholcoat blanc et chaque fois que je m'emploie e0 la travailler , e7a rate! je ne suis pas doue9e avec ce cholcoat! je n'ai jamais monte9e non plus de chantilly au blanc d'oeuf! je ne savais meame pas qu'on pouvait le faire! c'est chouette on en apprend tous les jours et tu 'as permis de de9couvrir cette technique! merci!

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Moi j aime cette alliance cirotn pavot! De toute fae7on j aime tout ce qui est au cirotn, alors ton cupcake, je n en ferai bien qu une bouche9e! ^^

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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