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The Telegraph Operator Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert W. Service Type: Poetry Views: 134

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1I will not wash my face;

2I will not brush my hair;

3I "pig" around the place --

4There's nobody to care.

5Nothing but rock and tree;

6Nothing but wood and stone;

7Oh God, it's hell to be

8Alone, alone, alone.

9Snow-peaks and deep-gashed draws

10Corral me in a ring.

11 I feel as if I was

12The only living thing

13 On all this blighted earth;

14And so I frowst and shrink,

15 And crouching by my hearth,

16I hear the thoughts I think.

17 I think of all I miss --

18The boys I used to know;

19 The girls I used to kiss;

20The coin I used to blow:

21 The bars I used to haunt;

22The racket and the row;

23 The beers I didn't want

24(I wish I had 'em now).

25 Day after day the same,

26Only a little worse;

27 No one to grouch or blame --

28Oh, for a loving curse!

29 Oh, in the night I fear,

30Haunted by nameless things,

31 Just for a voice to cheer,

32Just for a hand that clings!

33 Faintly as from a star

34Voices come o'er the line;

35 Voices of ghosts afar,

36 &160;&160;Not in this world of mine.

37 Lives in whose loom I grope;

38Words in whose weft I hear

39 Eager the thrill of hope,

40Awful the chill of fear.

41 I'm thinking out aloud;

42I reckon that is bad;

43 (The snow is like a shroud) --

44Maybe I'm going mad.

45 Say! wouldn't that be tough?

46This awful hush that hugs

47 And chokes one is enough

48To make a man go "bugs".

49 There's not a thing to do;

50I cannot sleep at night;

51 No wonder I'm so blue;

52Oh, for a friendly fight!

53 The din and rush of strife;

54A music-hall aglow;

55 A crowd, a city, life --

56Dear God, I miss it so!

57 Here, you have moped enough!

58Brace up and play the game!

59 But say, it's awful tough --

60Day after day the same

61 (I've said that twice, I bet).

62Well, there's not much to say.

63 I wish I had a pet,

64Or something I could play.

65 Cheer up! don't get so glum

66And sick of everything;

67 The worst is yet to come;

68God help you till the Spring.

69 God shield you from the Fear;

70Teach you to laugh, not moan.

71 Ha! ha! it sounds so queer --

72Alone, alone, alone.


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