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Solstice As Demon Lover Analysis

Author: poem of Reginald Shepherd Type: poem Views: 14

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You disappear again, December sun

turns light to ice, fracture

of frozen stars responsible for months

of snow. Now that you're gone it's winter:

I can sleep, but don't. Cold bright

guided me to you: save me

some fragment of its linger. Poured

over glacier meal's cracked

maps, I stumbled through mist's

occlusions: now recognize

the face never turned to me, myriad myths

of you. Of course there was a portal

you led through, underworld of

wind-twisted trees. The preoccupation

with endings breaks open, two equal

-ly irregular shreds of cloud: white sky falls

from the rent defining them. Who turns

in this version, fixes me to either side

of mourning? Your heliotrope gaze

turns and I am caught adjusting my sorrow,

among spilled waves and crashing

particles, breaking open the day

to see what it contains. (Look at me

now I'm losing you.) Light-footed

gods traverse the light between the living

and the too-loved dead like echoes

or reflections: the body breaks in two

but walks away. (I pissed my name,

Orpheus, with doubtful penmanship

into the white. I had to

scar it somehow, undo its clean efficiency.

The frost will fecundate another crop

of ghosts.) Cold bells

of breath second the snow, the winter

you became. (Wind again: there is

no sound. You must have a

winter's mind.) I walked out

of cold hell, mourned well

when you disappeared from view:

same voice, no face, rubbed clean

by renown. I need some music now.


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| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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I feel very happy and I have butterfly’s in my tummy no we are not busy baucese it is Christmas eve and we are going to stay in, yes I will sleep tonight but not until late no we do not do any think special we just have fun inside or outside.

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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When I was in year 6 my family lived on The Isle of Man. I can rmemeber breaking up really late for Christmas on the 22nd, in fact (the only time I have ever been to school on my birthday!).Christmas Eve always seemed like a bit of a slow day Mum busy preparing food for the big day and Dad getting his Christmas morning service organised (Dad was a Methodist Minister before he retired).I liked to help Mum with the cooking and preparing. She always made a huge trifle and a even bigger fruit salad! Is was always a sort of tradition to cook a piece of pork on Christmas Eve too. That meant we could have pork and apple sauce rolls for tea!My brother, who is younger than me, would find it hard to find something to do, I think he was just too excited! My sister, who is much older than me sometimes visited us with her daughter, she certainly did the Christmas I was in year 6. That same year we went to an old peoples' home in Port Erin (where we lived) with lots of other people to sing carols.After that, it was home to bed. Sleeping was a bit of an issue for me when I was younger, so getting to sleep on Christmas Eve was nigh on impossible!I suppose eventually I must have drifted off, only to wake up very early on Christmas morning!I hope you all have a great Christmas with your families and please, let your parents sleep tonight!!!Mrs Radd

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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