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The List Of Famous Hats Analysis

Author: poem of James Tate Type: poem Views: 25

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Napoleon's hat is an obvious choice I guess to list as a famous

hat, but that's not the hat I have in mind. That was his hat for

show. I am thinking of his private bathing cap, which in all hon-

esty wasn't much different than the one any jerk might buy at a

corner drugstore now, except for two minor eccentricities. The

first one isn't even funny: Simply it was a white rubber bathing

cap, but too small. Napoleon led such a hectic life ever since his

childhood, even farther back than that, that he never had a

chance to buy a new bathing cap and still as a grown-up--well,

he didn't really grow that much, but his head did: He was a pin-

head at birth, and he used, until his death really, the same little

tiny bathing cap that he was born in, and this meant that later it

was very painful to him and gave him many headaches, as if he

needed more. So, he had to vaseline his skull like crazy to even

get the thing on. The second eccentricity was that it was a tricorn

bathing cap. Scholars like to make a lot out of this, and it would

be easy to do. My theory is simple-minded to be sure: that be-

neath his public head there was another head and it was a pyra-

mid or something.


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