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Tam Glen Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Burns Type: Poetry Views: 180

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1My heart is a-breaking, dear Tittie,

2Some counsel unto me come len';

3To anger them a' is a pity,

4But what will I do wi' Tam Glen?

5I'm thinking, wi' sic a braw fellow,

6In poortith I might mak a fen':

7What care I in riches to wallow,

8If I mauna marry Tam Glen?

9There's Lowrie, the laird o' Dumeller,

10"Guid-day to you,"--brute! he comes ben:

11He brags and he blaws o' his siller,

12But when will he dance like Tam Glen?

13My minnie does constantly deave me,

14And bids me beware o' young men;

15They flatter, she says, to deceive me;

16But wha can think sae o' Tam Glen?

17My daddie says, gin I'll forsake him,

18He'll gie me guid hunder marks ten:

19But, if it's ordain'd I maun take him,

20O wha will I get but Tam Glen?

21Yestreen at the valentines' dealing,

22My heart to my mou gied a sten:

23For thrice I drew ane without failing,

24And thrice it was written, "Tam Glen"!

25The last Halloween I was waukin

26My droukit sark-sleeve, as ye ken:

27His likeness cam up the house staukin,

28And the very gray breeks o' Tam Glen!

29Come counsel, dear Tittie, don't tarry;

30I'll gie ye my bonie black hen,

31Gif ye will advise me to marry

32The lad I lo'e dearly, Tam Glen.


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